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Google wipes $110bn off its valuation after disappointing ad revenues

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Jan 31, 2024 #google

Alphabet Inc. experienced a significant decline in its share value, dropping approximately 6% during early trading hours on the following Wednesday after revealing its last quarter financial performance of 2023. Despite surpassing overall earnings and revenue projections with reported profits of $1.64 per share and $86.3 billion in revenue, the faltering ad sales have caused concern among investors.

Key Financial Highlights:

  • Earnings Per Share: $1.64 actual vs. expectations (unspecified)
  • Total Revenue: $86.3 billion actual vs. expectations (unspecified)
  • Ad Revenue: $65.5 billion actual vs. $66 billion expected

Market Response:

  • Preliminary trading saw Alphabet’s stock value decrease by 6%.
  • Estimated reduction in market capitalization: Approximately $110 billion.

The tepid growth in advertising proceeds, which constitutes 80% of Alphabet’s overall earnings, has unsettled shareholders. Despite this, the technology conglomerate’s stock has seen an over 50% surge in the past year, with a closing price of $153 the previous day.

Technology and Business Focus:

  • AI Advancements: Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, highlighted the company’s focus on artificial intelligence, marking the launch of their own generative AI, Gemini, in December.
  • Restructuring Initiatives: Recent job cuts are part of a strategic pivot towards emerging technologies.

Performance by Segment:

  • Google Cloud: Demonstrated significant growth with a 26% increase year-on-year, resulting in $9.2 billion revenue, which exceeded expectations.

Management Comments:

Sundar Pichai expressed optimism about the integration of AI into their search, YouTube, and cloud services and suggested that the growth fueled by AI innovation would continue into the new phase defined by the introduction of Gemini.

Despite the mixed results in the earnings report, analysts observe Alphabet’s transition towards the AI sector, moving beyond its historical identity as predominantly an advertising entity. The immediate market reaction reflects big tech’s limited tolerance for earnings misses, as per Kathleen Brooks from online brokerage XTB.

Stock Market Context:

  • Alphabet’s previous 12-month growth juxtaposed against the recent premarket downturn sheds light on the volatility and high expectations facing tech giants on Wall Street.