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Apple Vision Pro: Unveiling the Future of Smart Glasses Technology

ByPeter Thiel

Jan 21, 2024
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Apple recently heightened anticipation by temporarily closing its online store before the pre-order launch of the Apple Vision Pro, signaling a new chapter in tech devices. With a price tag starting at $3,499, the Vision Pro marks a significant investment, and its in-store availability is slated for February 2. The steep price point and limited hands-on previews have left potential buyers curious yet cautious, seeking more information to justify the plunge into Apple’s latest innovation.


The Vision Pro is not just another iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook—it’s a leap into a new product category for Apple, combining elements familiar to users of Apple TV and the Apple Store ecosystem but with a fresh and immersive twist. With controlled release of information and restricted hands-on experiences, Apple aims to build trust in their vision for the future of personal technology, but consumers are looking for compelling reasons to embrace this sophisticated device.

Emotional Impact of Spatial Videos

Advancements in technology have brought forward the creation of spatial videos through devices like the Apple Vision Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro, a leap from the traditional 2D to a dynamic 3D experience. While regular devices display these videos in two dimensions, the Vision Pro envelops you in a three-dimensional environment, making it feel as though you are present within the scene, reliving the event with vivid emotions and sensations.

The emotional connection established through watching spatial videos is unparalleled, offering not just a replay of memories but also invoking a sense of presence and emotion that is akin to experiencing the event anew. Demonstrations with the Vision Pro have garnered significant praise, revealing its potential to become a pivotal feature for users who cherish emotional resonance within their videos.

spatial video vision pro

The Vision Pro: Your Personal Immersive Experience

  • Home cinema transformation: With Vision Pro, you can emulate the experience of a cinema theatre at home without the need for expensive, space-consuming equipment. Imagine watching films on what feels like a 100-foot-wide screen, coupled with spatial audio to enhance the immersive effect.
  • Gaming and entertainment: This device isn’t limited to just videos; you can dive into games provided by Apple Arcade, feel like you’re sitting courtside while watching NBA games, or explore Disney’s themed content, such as walking through the halls of the Jedi Grand Temple.
  • Quality visuals: With a high-resolution output (4K for each eye), the Vision Pro ensures that the quality of the content remains crisp, allowing for a distraction-free experience.
  • Portability: Unlike bulky televisions, the Vision Pro is designed for portability. Easily packed, it’s an ideal companion on journeys, allowing you to enjoy an expansive viewing experience on planes, trains, or any location away from home.

Broadening the Canvas of Entertainment

Spatial computing is not just altering the way we record and relive memories; it is reinventing the mode of our interactions with various forms of entertainment. With an effect described as an ‘infinite canvas,’ users can navigate through entertainment content with a newfound depth that extends beyond the constraints of traditional screens. The engagement with spatial videos and immersive content has the potential to bring forth an evolution in how one consumes and appreciates shows, games, and demos.

In summary, devices like the Vision Pro are shaping a new horizon for personal entertainment, tapping into not just the visual and auditory senses, but stirring the core of emotional memory, transcending the mere act of viewing into an experience that’s palpable and travel-friendly.

The Evolution of FaceTime

FaceTime has significantly advanced with the introduction of the Vision Pro. Interactions are elevated with the integration of spatial positioning through audio cues, making it seem like individuals are present in the same room. With groundbreaking improvements, users can share experiences with SharePlay—from workplace collaborations to movie nights.

In a cutting-edge move by Apple, “Personas” have been created, offering a new dimension to video calls. These are highly detailed avatars mirroring actual facial expressions and hand gestures in real-time. Despite being in its beta phase, this feature promises a more immersive and authentic communication experience.

  • Spatial Audio: Positions callers in your environment
  • Personas: Avatar system for Face ID confirmation
  • SharePlay: Engage in activities together during the call
  • Messages: Seamlessly integrated for an enhanced chat experience

These innovations embody the visionary leap that Apple’s FaceTime is making towards the future of digital interaction.

It Unveils a Revamped Work Experience

The vision Pro paves the way for an evolved office setting—one that transcends the traditional desk and monitor confines. With 3D visuals and spatial interaction, users can experience their projects, such as photo editing in the Photos app or crafting presentations in Keynote, in a novel dimension. The device eliminates the standard Finder, instead transforming the physical space into a user’s desktop.

Productivity Tools and Features:

  • Virtual Keyboard: User-friendly interface for text input without physical hardware
  • TrueDepth Camera: Enhances FaceTime with depth-sensing capabilities
  • OLED Display: Renders crisp images in 4K resolution for detailed work

Performance Aspects:

  • Low Latency: Ensures real-time responsiveness
  • Efficient RAM Utilization: Streamlines multitasking across various applications

For entertainment and gaming, the integration of the App Store and Apple Arcade with the OLED display promises immersive experiences and unparalleled visual quality.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Heat Management: Designed to maintain optimal performance levels
  • Battery Pack: Engineered for extended usage and longevity
  • Cameras: Multiple 3D cameras equipped to capture and display high-fidelity images

Although not universally adapted for all tasks such as extensive document writing or spreadsheet analysis, this technology signals a step into spatial computing. It reimagines work environments and offers a versatile platform for a variety of professional and creative pursuits.

A Leap Beyond Current Computing Platforms

Apple Vision Pro isn’t just another piece of tech—it’s a transformative platform. Introducing a new paradigm in computing, this device elevates the user experience with its advanced mixed reality environment.

  • Operational Ecosystem: Unlike traditional operating systems that remain static despite iterative updates, VisionOS introduces a fresh interface with dynamic interactions.
  • Hardware Integration: Crafted with an R1 chip and an array of sensors, Vision Pro is engineered to precisely track eye and hand movements, immerse users in augmented reality, and overlay digital information in the physical world.
  • User-Centric Design: The headset features a customizable headband and optional prescription lenses, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit for a broad audience.
  • Control and Navigation: Users interact with the spatial computing device using intuitive controls like the Digital Crown and advanced hand tracking technology.
  • Accessibility: Vision Pro is designed to accommodate glasses wearers, incorporating prescription lenses for a seamless experience.
  • Audio Immersion: Enhanced audio straps contribute to a complete sensory experience within the virtual realm.

By transcending the familiar interfaces of macOS and iOS, Vision Pro offers an invigorating new way to engage with digital content—ushering in an era of spatial computing that promises to redefine how technology is woven into everyday life.