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PS5 PRO: possible specs of the new PlayStation 5 leaked

ByPeter Thiel

Dec 12, 2023
PS5 PRO: possible specs of the new PlayStation 5 leaked

Discover the leaked details of this highly anticipated console, promising an unrivalled gaming experience with revolutionary performance and graphics capabilities, scheduled for launch in 2024.

The gaming world is currently experiencing a significant moment with numerous launches, news, and important rumors. Key events in this gaming period include the celebration of The Game Awards, the trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, and rumors about new consoles like the Nintendo Switch 2 or the PS5 PRO.

GTA 6 has generated a lot of excitement, and with it, various related topics have emerged. Rumors suggest that to fully enjoy the game, the PS5 PRO will be the best option, leading to much speculation about the possible specifications of Sony’s new release.

PS5 PRO: Possible Specifications of Sony’s Console

Leaks on social networks are common in the world of video games and consoles. Perhaps the most extreme example of these leaks is Rockstar Games, as before the release of the trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto, all details were already known on social networks. Recently, Sony has also fallen victim to leaks, with details and specifications of its new console, the PS5 PRO, being revealed gradually. Twitter user @RinoTheBouncer has compiled all these rumors.

  • Codename “Project Trinity”
  • “4K Ray Tracing Monster”
  • 23.04 TFLOPS
  • Faster loading times
  • New custom APU
  • TSMC 5/4 nm process
  • 8 cores based on Zen 4
  • Integrated GPU
  • 30 WGP
  • 60 CU
  • iGPU (RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5)
  • The APU could have 96 ROP
  • Higher CPU frequencies at 3.6 GHz
  • Higher GPU frequencies at 2.7 GHz
  • 16 GB GDDR6 memory
  • Improvements in the integrated NVMe SSD
  • 18000mts of memory
  • Consistent 4K/60 fps
  • New performance mode for 8K
  • Accelerated ray tracing
  • Advanced in development
  • In development since early 2022
  • Demonstrations are already underway
  • Development kits received by studios in November 2023
  • Targeted for release in November 2024
  • Last major hardware before PS6
  • PS6 slated for launch in 2028

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