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Is living surrounded by solar panels harmful to your health?

ByAlicia Green

Dec 3, 2023
Is living surrounded by solar panels harmful to your health?

During the last few years, solar energy has had a great growth. Without a doubt, renewable energy is necessary to improve the planet and our future, but could it also generate some health risks? There are more and more solar panels around Catalonia, so today we will delve into whether it really affects or not. Are solar panels bad for health?

One of the main concerns regarding solar panels is their relationship with cancer. Specifically, the magnetic fields used by solar panels have been studied as a possible cause of this disease. Let’s analyze:

The problem of electricity and magnetic fields.

Solar panels create electricity using sunlight, so they can produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These EMFs come from the inverters that convert solar energy into the electricity we use at home. But before panicking, it is important to know that EMF levels from solar panels are generally quite low and are considered safe. In addition, inverters are increasingly being designed to generate lower EMF emissions.

Numerous studies and professionals assure that there is no direct link between these EMFs and cancer or any other harm to our health. In addition, the industry is making inverters with lower and lower EMF emissions.

For example, Dr. Noah Kittner of the University of North Carolina also states that there is no scientific evidence that solar panels cause cancer, in fact, this renewable energy can reduce the risk of lung cancer by reducing the air pollution generated by other energy sources.

Are the materials used in solar panels safe?

The manufacture of solar panels involves the use of different materials such as silicon, cadmium and lead. These materials, which are considered potentially hazardous, may raise concerns about the harmful substances to which people and workers may be exposed. It must be said that the standards and safety measures around their manufacture and materials are very strict to protect people as much as possible. Thus, most solar panels are safe and do not pose any potential risk, since direct contact is very limited.

Do solar panels pose more of a fire risk?

Having analyzed their effects on human health, another question may arise: can they cause more fires? This concern is one of the main reasons that discourage the installation of solar panels. Well, it can happen, but the possibility is minimal. Besides, the main cause of fires is a bad installation or defects. Another cause is the deterioration of the panels or the accumulation of dirt. So, the way to reduce practically to zero the possibility of fire is to have a good maintenance of the panels and to pass the supervisions.