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The 2024 Lexus NX Premium: A High-End SUV with an Eco Label and an Attractive Price

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Nov 25, 2023

I have been insisting on this for a long time. At the time when we make the important investment of buying a new car, and we do it by choosing an SUV and a high-end product, the choice of a mechanics with ECO label is essential. Everyone is free to do what they want with their money, but at the moment I am clear that I would not pay 30, 40, or 50 thousand euros for a car with a C label.

Precisely that is one of the keys and added values of the car that concerns us, a Lexus that is available across the range with ECO label, with a full hybrid engine competent, comfortable and reliable, contained consumption, 10-year warranty, and a very high perceived quality, and very equipped as standard, to have a car as complete as it should be for the money we have invested in it.

The Lexus NX 2024 range debuts an improved Premium line, with a more competitive access price and a financing proposal, because indeed the Lexus are also financed, from 350 euros per month.

A high-end SUV, comfortable, reliable, and with an ECO label.
A high-end SUV, comfortable, reliable, and with an ECO label.


A reliable ECO label with a 10-year warranty

Toyota and Lexus hybrids have been, and continue to be, a safe option if we are looking for reliable mechanics. Without some of the anti-pollution systems, prone to costly breakdowns, such as those present in many diesels. Reasonably simple, as its combustion mechanics dispenses with turbo, and is based on a simple and robust atmospheric four-cylinder. And with an “automatic” transmission that, as it is continuously variable, also dispenses with complex elements and, on paper, is one of the most comfortable options and less prone to breakdowns and costly maintenance.

“In any case, and should any problems arise, it is important to note that Lexus offers a 3-year factory warranty and that the components of the hybrid system are covered for 5 years or approximately 62,000 miles.

There’s more. Lexus is currently offering a plan called Lexus Relax, with which the warranty is extended to 10 years or approximately 99,000 miles, in many cases this will be more than the time we will have this car before replacing it with a new one. To obtain the warranty of up to 10 years, Lexus requires that we attend all annual maintenance (or every approximately 9,300 miles) at official workshops and thus receive an extension of warranty for another year.”


Lexus is extending the warranty on its hybrids to 10 years or approximately 99,000 miles
Lexus is extending the warranty on its hybrids to 10 years or approximately 100,000 miles

A highly equipped SUV as standard

The access offer, which concerns us today, is a Lexus NX 350h, which uses a hybrid system with four-cylinder engine, 242 hp power, and front-wheel drive. Optionally we can purchase a Lexus NX more equipped and all-wheel drive, and even a plug-in hybrid 306 hp power with Zero Emissions label.

As for the Premium line, the standard equipment available already includes:

  • 14″ touchscreen, with Link Connect and Hey Lexus assistant.
  • 18″ alloy wheels
  • Electric tailgate
  • Smart Entry System
  • Parking sensors
  • Full package of safety and driving aids Lexus Safety System+3


A high-end SUV for approximately $367/month

Lexus can also be financed. The price of the Lexus NX 2024 Premium is about $54,389 in cash and about $52,066 with the discount offered by the brand when financing with it. Lexus proposes a financing plan in 48 installments of approximately $367 per month, with a down payment of about $18,230. Under the proposed conditions, the total cost of credit is about $11,978.

Below we will see how some of the alternatives to this Lexus are positioned, some cheaper, such as those proposed by Mazda and Volvo, but also more expensive, such as those of the German premium.