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100 miles with 5 minutes of plugging in: this new charging technology could change everything

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Nov 15, 2023
100 miles with 5 minutes of plugging in:

The electric car represents one of the most promising options for the mobility of the future. Although still evolving, this technology already offers numerous advantages compared to fossil fuels. While a range of almost 600 miles cannot currently be achieved in just five minutes of charging, batteries are constantly improving in efficiency and capacity. In addition, advances in battery technology are minimizing degradation, making faster charging increasingly viable.

What if it were possible to travel up to 100 miles with just five minutes of plugging in? This is just what will be tested in the Polestar 5 soon. It is a new charging system that could change forever the way we understand our trips with the electric car. We are undoubtedly facing an alternative that needs to be explored because of the multiple benefits that would be achieved.
More than 90 miles with just a few minutes of charging at a plug socket

Polestar will be the first automotive company to dare to test the innovation developed by the company StoreDot. It is a proposal that attracts attention by obtaining a great relevance at the level of comfort of the electric car. As a differential aspect, this battery stands out for having silicon anodes. This allows the various components in the cells to be thinner than conventional ones. Thanks to the arrangement of this solution, greater heat dissipation is also achieved.

The collaboration between the battery manufacturing company and Polestar is not new. In fact, the collaboration agreement was signed in 2022. After the joint bet of this new battery configuration, the firm owned by the Geely group will test the innovation obtained on the Polestar 5, a model that will reach the market, apparently, in the next few years. This new battery bet guarantees a higher battery density, thus achieving better results in terms of range and charging power.

In fact, if the estimates are confirmed, we would be looking at a set of batteries capable of reducing the waiting time to obtain about 100 miles to just five minutes. This would make it possible  milto extend the usability of the electric car for journeys that would go far beyond simple urban driving.

For years, charging power has been one of the main problems of the electric car. It is true that manufacturers have already managed to achieve power ratings above 250 kW, but there is an associated problem. Abusing this charging system has a direct impact on the condition of the batteries. In the long term, if too much use is made of an ultra-fast charging system, it is possible that we could face a loss of autonomy of more than 25%.