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Sony Unveils the New PS5 Slim: A More Compact and Modular Gaming Experience

ByRita Wright

Oct 11, 2023
Sony Unveils the New PS5 Slim: A More Compact and Modular Gaming Experience

Sony has introduced its latest innovation in gaming technology with the announcement of the new PS5 Slim, which brings a more compact and modular design to the forefront of the gaming world. Notably, this revamped version of the console introduces a modular approach, featuring a detachable disk reader that is once again capable of playing 4K Blu-ray discs.
This feature is especially significant for those who initially opt for the digital version of the new console and wish to modify their gaming setup down the line. The cover, located at the lower right of the console, can be detached, revealing a slot to connect the disk reader, which is priced at 119 euros when purchased separately.

The new PS5 Slim has reportedly reduced its volume by 30% and is considerably lighter than its predecessors. The digital console is 18% lighter, while the model with the disk reader is 24% lighter. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 1TB hard drive, which, although not massive, is a slight upgrade from the 825GB SSD of the original PS5.

The internal features appear to remain consistent with previous models. The official spec sheet suggests that the CPU and GPU of the new PS5 are virtually identical, and the amount of RAM remains unchanged, sticking with 16GB of GDDR6 memory.

Needless to say, the console continues to support 4K content at 120 Hz, ray tracing, and VRR.

PS5 Slim

Moreover, a new horizontal stand for the PS5 has been introduced, appearing to be a type of metal clip, and a new vertical stand, compatible with all PS5 models, will also be available for purchase. Unfortunately, the vertical stand must be purchased separately, meaning you’ll need to spend an additional 80$ to keep your new PS5 upright.

The disk version of the PS5 is priced at 499.99 USD, while the digital version is available for 449.99 USD

The new PS5 Slim is set to launch in the United States in November and will be available from “select local retailers” and the official PlayStation Store. While there is no overseas release schedule available at this time, the new PS5 Slim is slated to “launch worldwide in the coming months.”

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