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Valve confirms future launch of Steam Deck 2 and we already have an idea of the date

ByMae Nelson

Nov 9, 2023
Valve confirms future launch of Steam Deck 2 and we already have an idea of the date

Valve has just launched a refreshed model of the Steam Deck, featuring an OLED screen, a new APU, a larger battery and many other new features. We could have cried Steam Deck 2, except that we’ve also learned that Gabe Newell’s company is already working seriously on the idea of a Steam Deck 2.

The information is official, as it emanates from a statement by Steam Deck product designer Lawrence Yang in the columns of Bloomberg.


“We’re very invested in the Steam Deck”.

For the moment, of course, Lawrence Yang can’t reveal many more details. He even specifies that, up until now, the teams have been working on the Oled model, and that they will soon be working on Steam Deck 2.

He does, however, provide a few small details, such as the fact that the Steam Deck 2 will feature a “next-generation power upgrade”.

More importantly, for those of you hesitating to buy the first Steam Deck, in Oled or LCD, or one of its competitors such as Asus’ ROG Ally, we now have a clear timetable. The Steam Deck 2 will not be available for “at least two or three years”, we read. That would take us to 2025 or 2026, or even, since it’s the end of the year, 2027.

As Bloomberg rightly points out, it’s good to see that Valve has learned from its past mistakes and is now promising a real long-term commitment to its hardware products. Until now, the company has been known for its games and, above all, its online video game sales store, but also for its forays into hardware, which have not always been well executed. The Steam Deck, on the other hand, has been an exception, even boosting the portable console market.

Proof of Valve’s commitment is this statement from Lawrence Yang: “Many people within the company are excited about this product,” said Yang. “We’re very invested in Steam Deck.” And so, understandably, soon in Steam Deck 2.