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Toyota recalls nearly 2 million RAV4s!

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Nov 6, 2023
Toyota recalls nearly 2 million RAV4s!

Launched in 2012 and marketed in Europe between 2013 and 2018, the fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 was available in our country with both petrol and diesel engines, and was given a restyling in 2015 with the arrival of a hybrid powertrain, which boosted its sales.

Despite its reputation for reliability, the Japanese firm is not immune to a few technical failures, which can lead to recall campaigns: in the United States, Toyota has recalled nearly 2 million examples of the fourth-generation RAV4, due to a safety problem.

Toyota RAV4: a safety problem

The Japanese manufacturer found that some 12-volt replacement batteries of the size specified for the vehicles concerned were smaller than others. If a smaller battery is used for replacement, and its retaining clip is not properly tightened, the battery may move when the vehicle is driven on winding roads with sharp bends.

The body movement caused in this situation could lead to the battery’s positive terminal coming into contact with the retaining clamp, thus causing a short-circuit: this situation potentially increases the risk of fire on the RAV4s concerned, and Toyota takes this safety issue very seriously.

Approximately 1,854,000 units recalled

The models concerned are fourth-generation Toyota RAV4s, produced between 2012 and 2018: around 1,854,000 examples are affected in the United States, and the Japanese manufacturer has not specified whether the problem also affects examples marketed in Europe or the rest of the world. Toyota will inform owners affected by this problem by the end of December 2023, and they will be invited to contact their Toyota dealer for assistance.

For all affected vehicles, Toyota dealers will replace the battery clamp, battery holder and positive terminal cover with models of improved design. Naturally, these repairs will be carried out at no cost to the owners of the RAV4s concerned.

To find out if a vehicle is involved in a safety recall, Toyota provides the toyota.com/recall website, where you can enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate to obtain information on recalls concerning your vehicle.