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Honda E-MTB Concept: a spectacular study with its own charging station

ByAlicia Green

Nov 3, 2023
Honda E-MTB Concept: a spectacular study with its own charging station

Unfortunately, not much information is yet available about the new Honda e-MTB Concept. Even the press release provides few details. The manufacturer promises that the E-TB will combine the riding pleasure of motorcycles and mountain bikes, and allow effortless uphill riding.

A Honda e-bike with a futuristic design

Visually, Honda’s e-MTB Concept stands out for its massive design. According to Honda, the frame and swingarm are made using the thin-walled aluminum casting process, also used to manufacture high-performance motorcycles. The frame’s unique design represents a fusion of functionality and style.For the drive, the Honda e-MTB Concept relies on the Brose Drive S Mag, which offers 90 Nm of torque and therefore powerful propulsion. The battery capacity of this probably very heavy electric mountain bike is not yet known. Other features include Fox suspension, Sram transmission, Shimano braking system and Maxxis tires mounted on DT Swiss rims.

Honda’s e-MTB concept comes with its own charging station.

Interestingly, Honda is also presenting a mobile charging solution in the form of a large power station on wheels with the Honda e-MTB Concept. It enables the electric bike to be charged on the move, but certainly requires a car or similar means of transport. A few tools are also placed in a compartment on top to be able to maintain and possibly repair the electric bike en route.

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It’s not yet known if and when the Honda e-MTB Concept will go on sale. Nor do we know how much it will cost. It’s unlikely that the electric-powered ATV will be cheap, especially if it’s combined with a mobile charging solution. It’s also possible that we won’t see the Honda e-MTB Concept in real life, but only on photos and trade show stands.