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Initial tests of M3 chips confirm Apple’s promised performance gains

ByAlicia Green

Nov 2, 2023
Initial tests of M3 chips confirm Apple's promised performance gains

Apple was full of benchmarks and comparative graphs during its “Scary Fast” event earlier this week. But now that the new Macs equipped with their brand-new M3 chips are in the wild, we’re starting to see the first independent benchmarks. And unsurprisingly, the results match the manufacturer’s promises.

In anticipation of the actual launch of the new Macs (from November 7), Apple has begun delivering the first machines equipped with the new M3 chips to the press and testers. And as usual, benchmarks are flourishing in the Geekbench 6 database! Well, at least some of them show that the basic M3 has muscle.

No disappointment for the M3 chip

The scores for this benchmark, which measures processor performance, announce a result of around 3,000 for the single-core test, and around 11,700 for the multi-core test. That’s around 20% better than the M2 chip, whose scores are 2,600 and 9,700 for these two tests. No surprise here, this is pretty much in line with Apple’s promises. The benchmark corresponds to a Mac bearing the name “Mac15.3”. This could be the 14″ MacBook Pro (the iMac also has an M3 chip).

These first benchmarks are promising, but beyond the CPU, we’re waiting to see what the results of the Metal test will show for the GPU. Apple boasts a new graphics architecture with a Dynamic Caching memory distribution system that promises to be quite powerful. And of course, we can’t wait to see the benchmarks for the M3 Pro and M3 Max.

And as expected, the first benchmarks for the M3 Max chip have also appeared. The model with 16 CPU cores scores 2,900 in the single-core test, and 21,000 in the multi-core test. A score some 45% higher than the M2 Max, and above all almost as high as the M2 Ultra, a chip found in the Mac Pro and the most powerful Mac Studio.

Source : Geekbench