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7 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Assembling a PC from Parts

ByPeter Thiel

Oct 28, 2023
7 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Assembling a PC from Parts

Assembling a PC from parts is really simple. Yes, it may seem quite the opposite, as you need to assemble a huge number of components, but the reality is that the process is as simple as a jigsaw puzzle. However, this simplicity does not prevent common mistakes from occurring during PC assembly.

Avoiding these mistakes should be a priority when assembling a PC. In fact, most problems that arise during the assembly of a PC in pieces are due to poor planning. Yes, preparation is far more important than the actual assembly of the PC because it ensures that it will work.

Learn and avoid these 7 mistakes when assembling a PC from parts

Research, plan and then assemble. Although assembling a PC may seem like a race against the clock, the reality is that the opposite is true. Assembling a PC from parts is a smooth, enjoyable and, above all, satisfying process.

Even if the goal is to have a computer to play, work or surf. We must not forget that the important thing is the way, it may be tempting to buy all the parts at the same time. But you need to know the best times to buy components.

Among these periods, Black Friday stands out, although there are also special offers on components such as graphics cards or SSD disks. If you are planning to build a PC, a specific offer may be the right time to buy that component.

Waiting is part of the experience. That being the first tip when assembling a PC, now it’s time to move on to the 7 mistakes to avoid when assembling a PC from parts. Many mistakes may seem ridiculous, but the reality is that many users make them.

Buying incompatible parts

When assembling a PC from parts you have to choose all the components. Although this may seem simple, the reality is that it is during the selection process that most mistakes are made. The main thing to do is to choose a component on which the assembly will be based.

This component must be the processor, being the brain of the PC. When choosing the processor, the motherboard can be selected and after that the rest of the components. There are pages to check the compatibility of the processor with the rest of the components.

7 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Assembling a PC from Parts

Saving on vital components

Yes, having the most powerful graphics card on the market is important. But it is also important to have a power supply that ensures the correct operation of the equipment. Power supplies are of vital importance to your computer and you should not skimp when choosing.

No, it is not necessary to invest hundreds of euros in a power supply. You simply have to be consistent in your choice of components. You can calculate the power consumption of the components manually, although the OuterVision website does it automatically.

Choosing a small case for your PC

Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are littered with computers mounted in ridiculously sized cases. It is possible to make these mounts, but what is often not counted is their difficulty. Typically, these mounts require custom cables and expensive parts.

There is no need to complicate your life with a tiny box. There are models on the market that are smaller than the standard size and allow the mounting of almost any motherboard. However, if it is the first time that you assemble a PC for parts, it is advisable to choose a standard case.

Not having enough space for assembly

Before starting the process of assembling a PC from parts, it is necessary to correctly choose the surface on which the task will be carried out. The assembly requires an amount of space that some desks are not able to offer, it is best to opt for a dining table.

Of course, it is not suitable to mount the PC on just any surface. The table on which the PC is to be mounted must be clean and dry. The best tables are those made of wood or glass where the risk of static electricity is almost nil, it is also advisable that the place is well lit.

7 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Assembling a PC from Parts

Incorrect processor placement

It is so common to destroy the processor because it has not been placed correctly that it is one of the biggest embarrassments when assembling a PC. Both Intel and AMD provide symbols indicating the direction and placement of the processor.

Before placing this component on the motherboard, it is mandatory to check how it should be positioned. In addition, the processor offers no resistance when it is placed because it fits perfectly. If it is difficult, you are doing it wrong and the best thing to do is to stop.

Adding too much thermal paste to the processor

Yes, all users want their processor to stay cool at all times. But for this to be possible adding too much cooling paste is a complete mistake. In fact, it can end up being counterproductive and even ruining the equipment.

There are cooling systems that integrate thermal paste and do not require the user to apply any. In case you do not want to resort to these, it is advisable to add a diagonal line or, failing that, a drop the size of a pea in the center of the processor.

Pulling out the component boxes

When you finish assembling the PC and check that everything is working properly, the biggest impulse most users have is to get rid of all the boxes with everything inside. While this may seem like a good option, it is not.

The boxes and, more importantly, the manuals include the warranty on the components. Even if everything seems to be working properly, errors may appear within a couple of days and a service call may be necessary. It is advisable, whenever possible, to keep the boxes for a couple of months.