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NVIDIA’s decision with RTX 40 SUPER: higher prices and lower sales or cheap GPUs and higher sales

ByPeter Thiel

Oct 28, 2023

Since then, we’ve seen both companies have brought out all GPU models, or so we thought. NVIDIA is preparing a series of new RTX 40 SUPER, on which several models would arrive. Now three of them have been revealed, being the NVIDIA RTX 4070 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and RTX 4080 SUPER, along with their possible pricing.

This current generation of graphics cards has been a disappointment for many gamers. Sure they offer higher performance and unique features like DLSS 3 FG with NVIDIA’s RTX 40, but the prices are so high that despite all this, they are not a good buy.
AMD has lower prices than its competitor, but we are back to the usual and that is that they cannot offer the same performance in Ray Tracing or use DLSS.
In the end, NVIDIA is still the overall top seller and with their new GPUs they could get more of a head start.

NVIDIA will launch RTX 4080 SUPER 16 GB, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16 GB and RTX 4070 SUPER 12 GB in 2024.

RTX 4080 SUPER Leak: Wait for Nvidia's THREE new GPUs!

We’ve known about a new series of GPUs, the RTX 40 SUPER, for months now. This is not the first time NVIDIA has released a SUPER series, as for example the GTX 1660 SUPER already existed, as well as others like the RTX 2060/2070/2080 SUPER. With the RTX 30 we didn’t see any with this tagline in the name, as they opted to use the Ti. However, with the RTX 40 if we will see several of the SUPER series again and Moore’s Law is Dead shows us what’s new.

According to leaks from late October 2023, there are expected to be new GPUs covering both the mid-high end segment as well as the high end itself. They expect to be able to compete against the AMD RX 7900 XT and XTX, so we already imagine that the RTX 4060 SUPER will not be included. These RTX 40 SUPER RTXs would arrive in early 2024 and in fact, they expect them to be introduced during CES 2024.

So, Moore’s believes that the ones that will arrive will be the RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16GB and the 12GB RTX 4070 SUPER. In addition to this, he mentions the price at which these new RTX 40 SUPER 40s will arrive.

The RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16 GB will be almost an RTX 4080 for a fraction of the price.


So, we’ll start with the 16GB RTX 4080 SUPER, which will perform 5-10% above an RTX 4080 and end up costing between $1,199 and $1,249. Moving on to the next one, this being the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16 GB, which will perform 10% less than the RTX 4080 and will cost $849 to $999. Lastly, we will have the RTX 4070 SUPER 12 GB, which will perform between an RTX 4070 and an RTX 4070 Ti costing $649 to $699.

This is the theory, because until NVIDIA does not announce it officially, we will not know the real prices. However, if what Moore’s says were true, the RTX 4080 would have no place in the market for the current price it has and having two models that rival it. On the other hand, the RTX 4070 could end up dropping in price, but it is not expected to be lower than $549.

These RTX 40 SUPER prices seem pretty good to us considering the current situation, but it turns out that there is another even more interesting scenario. In this one, an RTX 4080 SUPER would cost $999 to $1199 being 9-15% faster than the 4080. An RTX 4070 Ti SUPER would be 5% slower than the 4080 costing $799 to $899 and an RTX 4070 SUPER 5% slower than the RTX 4070 Ti for $599 to $649. These prices between $50 and $100 lower, although we doubt that NVIDIA will reach this situation and even more so when it continues to sell its graphics cards well.