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Honda creates electric car that offers same “driving pleasure” as its latest thermals

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Oct 26, 2023
Honda creates electric car that offers same

The Japanese firm knows it has to do very well to bring exciting electric alternatives to the market. Its thermal vehicles in recent years have set a very high bar, although Honda believes that its next electric cars will be equally sporty and passionate.

A good example of this was one of the models on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2023. This is none other than the revival of the legendary Honda Prelude, a sports coupe that enamored a generation a few decades ago. Now, this concept revives that model, albeit in the form of a 100% electric vehicle and with higher performance.


Honda Prelude
Honda Prelude Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2023.

A first look at the electric sports car

Honda wants to launch a whole range of electric vehicles in the coming years. To do so, it will need alternatives of all kinds; from coupes to SUVs, saloons and sports cars. The first glimpse of this hypothetical future away from electric SUVs will be the Prelude.

Like its latest versions, the Prelude Concept features a coupe-like, two-door body. At the front it shows the clear appendages of a current electric Honda, with slim, streamlined headlights and an LED light line that crosses the entire width of the front end. Being an electric, it has no large air intakes, but this is limited to a small opening in the lower bumper.

In profile, wheels are located very similar to those already present in the Honda Civic Type R, while inside these are housed a painted brake calipers. The rear, meanwhile, has optical groups that cross the entire width of the vehicle and places the model name itself in the center of the set. In general terms, the Prelude Concept could pass for a fully completed model and ready to start its commercial work. It does not feature, as in other cases, exaggerated or implausible lines.


Honda creates electric car that offers same
The model could fully pass for a vehicle ready to be sold

Certainly, the company has given very few details about this vehicle, beyond the fact that it is 100% electric. Nor has it shown images of its cabin, although it can be expected to have space to carry up to four passengers and have the dashboard already seen in other models such as the Civic or ZR-V.

Present at the Japanese event, Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of the company, has admitted that the new Prelude aims to “embody Honda’s unchanging sports mentality. It is a specialized sports model that will offer a thrilling experience that will make you want to keep going forever. Although no market arrival date or technical details have been disclosed, he assured that “we are diligently progressing in its development”.