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New PS5 (Slim) Set to Hit Shelves Soon?

ByPeter Thiel

Oct 20, 2023
New PS5 (Slim) Set to Hit Shelves Soon?

A few days ago, you might have come across the news that Sony is giving its PS5 a makeover as it approaches its third anniversary. It’s not exactly a “Slim” version, but this new PlayStation 5 boasts a sleeker design compared to the original model. Additionally, it features some tweaks like a relocated “Eject” button beneath the disc drive and a more pronounced light strip.

Could the New PS5 Bundle Include Spider-Man 2?

As of now, Sony hasn’t officially announced a release date for this revamped console. However, according to the reliable Dealabs, the Japanese tech giant might unveil its new-form PS5 as early as November 8th, initially in the United States.

To boost sales of its new console and highlight its major exclusive game of the year, Sony might offer its PS5 in a bundle with the recently released Spider-Man 2. Available now, this new title from Insomniac Games lets players dive back into New York City, taking on the roles of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Essentially, it’s two Spideys for the price of one!

Spider Man 2

The bundle would offer buyers the new PS5 with a physical disc drive in a standard edition, meaning no Spider-Man branding (unlike the collector’s edition). It would come with the Spider-Man 2 game and is expected to retail at $559.99.

Dealabs also suggests that the new PS5s should be available shortly after, with a release date set for November 10th. As for Europe, there might be a slight wait, as this date initially pertains only to the US and Japan. It’s anticipated that the console will be available before the Christmas holidays, but the extent of stock availability remains uncertain.

It’s worth noting that the new PS5 will come in two versions: one with a disc drive and the other exclusively digital. It will gradually replace the original model in stores, maintaining the unchanged price of $549 for the standard version and $449 for the Digital Edition.

Lastly, while each console will come with a horizontal stand, a new vertical stand will also be available but sold separately at $29.99. This sales tactic isn’t new for Sony. Those who remember the PS2 era might recall the black monolith that could be paired with a separately sold vertical (and horizontal) stand.