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The new Toyota Corolla 2024 is enriched with attractive technologies

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Oct 20, 2023
The new Toyota Corolla 2024 is enriched with attractive technologies

Toyota, has focused on integrating advanced technologies when refreshing the Toyota Corolla 2024 range. This adds even more appeal to the three variants of the Corolla family, the brand’s second best-selling model in our country and sixth in the market sales rankings between January and September.

For the 2024 range, the Hatchback, Touring Sports estate and Sedan all feature a smartphone-based digital key, as well as the nanoe-X air quality system, which combats viruses, bacteria, allergens and unpleasant odors inside the vehicle. All this is complemented by styling touches that include new color options, including the trendy Super Green metallic.

These enhancements combine Toyota’s fifth-generation hybrid-electric technology, which the Corolla has been using since its last overhaul, offering enhanced performance and all-electric driving capability, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

TOYOTA COROLLA 2024 4 Engine16

Digital key for the new Toyota Corolla

The digital key, meanwhile, allows Corolla owners to access and drive the Corolla via a smartphone instead of a physical key. The digital key is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, and can store up to five individual profiles for each vehicle. An authorized user needs only his or her phone to unlock the door and start the car, without having to open an app to gain access.

This technology makes it easy to share access to the car between members of the same family, or to authorize third parties, such as maintenance technicians or rescue/recovery teams, to use the vehicle. The system will also be useful for multi-driver operations such as car-sharing platforms. The system, which will be standard from the mid-range upwards, will be free for one year and included in the price of the car.

The air conditioning system on the new Toyota Corolla does more to promote the well-being of everyone on board with the introduction of nanoe-X™ air purification technology. This is a system developed by Panasonic and introduced for the first time in a Toyota model in Europe. This device injects billions of nanometer-sized atomized water particles into the ventilation stream. Independent laboratory tests have shown that these hydroxyl radicals have beneficial effects in enclosed spaces. In the case of vehicles such as the new Toyota Corolla, these effects can, for example, inhibit the activity of airborne bacteria and viruses, help prevent the spread of mold, inhibit pollen and other allergens such as those associated with pets, break down hazardous substances present in particles, or eliminate common unpleasant odors.
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The use of nanoe-X also helps maintain a good level of humidity inside the car, which has a positive effect on skin and hair. These benefits are appreciated when using the air-conditioning system, but are particularly valuable when driving in urban areas where air pollution is higher, or when the car is used regularly by different drivers and passengers.
New Toyota Corolla colors

Finally, the aesthetic changes involve the arrival of new colors. Toyota has added a new Super Green metallic color to the Corolla Hatchback and Touring Sports exterior paint options. It is available exclusively in a two-tone finish, combined with a gloss black roof and pillars for a refined yet sporty look. A new “Precious Silver” color is available for the sedan, giving it a more premium feel.

Finally, the sportiest model in the Corolla range, the GR Sport, adopts a new Liquid Black finish for the exterior details of the best-equipped versions, creating a dark satin chrome effect for the mirrors, sill inserts and front spoiler trim.

The new Toyota Corolla will arrive on the market in the coming months, with a new energy to continue being a commercial success and a market reference for the Japanese brand.