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Mind-blowing: detecting your mood is just one of the many things this minivan can do

ByDerrick Rodriguez

Oct 18, 2023

It is curious how things change in just a few years. In the U.S., the minivan sector has drastically reduced its presence. Only the top formats keep the category alive with the Mercedes V-Class at the forefront. However, in recent times, the more familiar vehicles have increased their offer with the arrival of new and electric units. Nissan could join that family if we consider the prototype just presented. It is called Nissan Hyper Tourer and, in addition to its design, has many interesting things to talk about.

We are just days away from the opening of the Tokyo Mobility Hall. The Japanese fair has transformed its presentation to focus on an environment of sustainability associated with the industry. During the event, we will be able to learn about the brands’ plans for the future. Production cars and some prototypes will be presented, such as the Hyper Tourer, which will serve as a platform for developing the cars of the future. As we can see, the minivans have not yet said their last word. However, like the rest of the models on the market, they will have to adapt to survive.

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept Rear
Nissan integrates an electric system with V2X (Vehicle-To-Everything) technology.

Cameras and sensors to capture your state at the wheel.

This is the third of the prototypes that Nissan wants to present at the Japanese fair from next October 25. The brand has very ambitious plans in terms of electrification. From 2025 it expects to launch 19 100% electric models, as confirmed by its CEO, Makoto Uchida, a few months ago. However, it is necessary to look beyond and for that there are the prototypes or concept cars like the Hyper Tourer. It goes without saying that its structure is fully electrified and that it has important technical solutions such as the V2X system that will allow the car to become a powerful source of energy.

But there is no doubt that the first thing that catches the eye is its design. Its shapes and dimensions betray a minivan with classic lines, designed for families and businesses. Leaving aside the aesthetic field, the really interesting thing we find inside. A cabin that we enter through swing doors that eliminate the need for a B-pillar. The cabin is clean, futuristic, digitized and highly technological. So much so that the Hyper Tourer is equipped with different cameras and sensors that are able to perceive your mood.

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept Interior
In automatic mode, the cabin transforms into a large living room with four seats.

The integrated artificial intelligence monitors your biometric signs such as pulse, brain waves or heart rate and will determine what your state is to try to compensate for bad attitudes or energy states. It will be able to adjust the music, ambient light or climate control to try to reduce your stress level or the opposite. When the driver activates the autonomous driving program, the Nissan Hyper Tourer transforms into a large rolling lounge. The seats face each other so that passengers can talk quietly during the trip.