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Google Japan unveils a do-it-yourself keyboard hat

ByRita Wright

Oct 17, 2023

Innovation in technology knows no bounds, and once again, Google Japan proves it to us. In a strange and creative twist, the company has presented to the world a keyboard-hat: a product that combines, in the most unusual way, the functionality of a keyboard with the aesthetics of a fashion accessory.

At first glance, this hat may seem like a joke object or an extravagant design proposal from Google, but behind it lies cutting-edge technology. “This is a visionary new design for head-mounted devices,” declares an employee in the promotional video. A statement that, while eccentric, is not far from reality, the hat-keyboard functions as a keyboard.


The mechanism of the hat is amazing: the user can select characters on his device simply by turning the hat thanks to its internal gyroscope.

Instead of typing on your mobile, you simply turn your head slightly to choose the letter. And, to confirm the choice, a light touch on the top of the hat is all it takes, which is accompanied by an audible click.

Gboard 帽バージョン

But how is it possible for this Google hat-keyboard to work? The answer lies in Bluetooth connectivity and a small battery that charges via USB-C. But what’s most fascinating is that it’s not a product you can buy in stores.

It’s not for sale: you’ll have to make it yourself using open source.

Google has opted for a DIY approach for this project, offering the open source code on GitHub so that any tech enthusiast can build their own. Those interested should be up for a bit of a challenge.

“You’ll have to build the Keycap hat yourself,” warns Google Japan. It requires a 3D printer, some electronic components, and of course, a generous dose of patience.

All this runs on an Arduino board, whose firmware is already ready to compile.


Of course, if all you’re interested in the accessory is fashion, Google Japan also gives you instructions on how to make a cardboard hat-top yourself. Despite the innovation, there are some limitations. For now, the hat seems to work exclusively with Google’s Japanese input, so if you don’t speak the language, you might want to wait for future updates or adaptations.

In a world where fashion and technology often intersect, Google Japan has taken this intersection to a new level with its hat-keyboard. A nod to the future, or just a brilliant marketing move, it has certainly captured the attention of the tech world.